Friday, July 06, 2007

Bodcast 2

You thought it was safe to get back in the ocean?
Don't you know there are sharks out there?

Anyway, we've done it (again).
LIDS HQ has been buzzing to the sound of comments and critiques, tapes shredding and sharp repostes, and now the CD has been issued and the bodcast has been launched.
As before, you can access it at the web site. Try this link here. (Yes, yes, tap it with your mouse, fellah.) You might learn something about stopping smoking - oh, didn't we mention that? That's the topic of Bodcast 2.

Meanwhile, LIDS'ers are off down the pub. No, nothing to celebrate. We've simply heard today that Salford CVS have turned down our new grant application. We wanted some small amount of money to do a small something about the run-down Inner City area of Ordsall. Silly us. We saw that it isn't all bad, and some residents have done a bang-up job of improving their gardens, planting their own flowers and fruit and growing their own food. We thought we could learn from them. How foolish! We imagined that other people might be interested to see what they were doing and might even decide to copy them. Foolish, indeed!

Of course, maybe if we had called it 'Ordsall in Bloom' we would have got the loot straightaway. (Everyone else has tried that catchphrase and done very well, up to now.) Trying to be a bit innovative is obviously a complete waste of time.

Back, I tells ya. Back - to the future!

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