Sunday, January 06, 2008

Salford Lads Club Christmas single

It's an exciting life, living in Salford.
Why, what's happening now, down our street?


Inspired by Morrisey's recent gift of £20,000 to the Salford Lads and Girls Club, the Club's Treasurer, Mike Scantlebury, has called for musicians associated with the Club to “put aside their musical differences” and create a Number One record in 2008 to pay for the essential repairs still needed on the building's roof.

The talents he refers to include '60s bands The Hollies, (both Alan Clarke and Graham Nash were club members in their teens); Herman's Hermits (who practised at the Club in their early days); and The Smiths (who had their picture taken outside the club in 1987 for a record album, 'The Queen is Dead'). Mike admits that the musicians demonstrate all differing tastes and styles, but says this is an exciting prospect. “The mix could be explosive,” he suggests.

He even has a suggestion as to which song they might record. The Associated Youth Clubs of Manchester have their own anthem, 'Ending Youth Struggle'. Mike Scantlebury suggests the lyrics could be re-written as The 'Trendy Youth Shuffle'. He says: “It could be the new dance sensation for the noughties”.

There's no time to lose if the musicians are to book space in their diaries for a session to record the song in time for next Christmas.
One thing is certain. As Mike says: “We need to raise the roof if we are to save the roof.”


Salford Lads and Girls Club is famous around the world for its association with The Smiths, and regularly welcomes foreign travellers inside to inspect the souvenirs in its very own idiosyncratic 'Smiths Room'.
Details on its website:

Mike Scantlebury is an Internet Author with many novels to his credit. He is the creator of the Manchester Modern Murder Mystery Series, with Amelia Hartliss. His work can be found on his many websites, such as
He is also a sort of singer, well known in the area for his folk stylings, and his songs can be found on YouTube under his own name, as well as and FaceBook.

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